the horse and groom    (the jockey)
fine foods, real ales, a warm welcome

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We are totally committed to keeping this pub alive, but we cannot do that withour your support. Please let us know what changes we can make and attractions we can add to encourage you to visit more often and spend more time here.


You can contact us on the page in this website,

by emailing,

by texting us on 0771 219 6465

or by writing to us at


The Horse and Groom,

East Woodlands,


Somerset, BA11 5LY

Thank you to all those who sent in your comments and suggestions. We are striving to improve our service all the time and will endeavour to action all we can as soon as we are able. Meanwhile, thank you for your valued support throughout the year!

Glad to see the scaremongering papers were exaggerating the dire weather conditions over Easter, and hope you will come down to the Jockey and enjoy some quality time with us soon. The garden is just starting to show signs of spring and the birds are busy singing whilst they work

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01373 462802